By who and where is my web site is going to be designed? All of our web-sites are designed and developed by our in house teams in UK.

Where is InterActive10 based? InterActive10 ltd is based in west-london, Wembley.

How do you charge for your Web Optimisation & SEO services? All of our Search Engine Marketing packages are charged monthly with no contract

What formats are my logo delivered in?

  • Print logos are normally delivered in EPS or TIFF format (along with PDF format), unless requested in another format by the client. Clients wishing to have their logo in a specific software application format should check with us first before beginning their logo design.
  • Web logos are normally delivered in GIF or JPEG format, depending on the design of the logo. Special formats can be created, but we usually recommend sticking with these formats for general use.
  • Screen logos (other than the web, such as for a presentation) can be created in GIF, JPEG, PICT, PNG, Windows Bitmap, and many other formats. Again, we strongly recommend letting us know beforehand where you plan on having your logo displayed so we can make your logo design completely compatible when finished.

What types of web sites can you design? We have designed all types of sites, ranging from simple brochure-type web sites to e-commerce sites.

Will you do domain name registration? Yes, if you would like domain name registration as a part of your design contract, we will be happy to do that for you.

What is search engine optimization? Search engine optimization (SEO) is designing, writing, and coding (in HTML) your entire web site so that there is a good chance that your web pages will appear at the top of search engine queries for your selected keywords and key phrases.

How much does a search engine marketing campaign cost? The cost of a search engine marketing campaign depends on the size and type of web site you have, the number of keywords your site uses, and popularity. If your web site already has a search-engine friendly design, the costs are far less.